Introducing another member of the MHFAP! OC family, Vespula the Wasp monster girl!

Check it out guys, this here’s a very sexy wasp monster girl by the name of Vespula! She’s kind of a mean bitch who is really unaware of how off-putting she is- but dang if her tits aren’t lovely! And you’ll see in a bunch of slutty hentai pinups I drew that her bod is real fucking sexy to boot! A great ass, boobs and a tight little pussy sum up Vespula real nice. But that personality, man… even worse is she doesn’t understand why she rarely gets any! Some monster girls lack any self-awareness it seems. Not that she needs it, she’s sexy enough to get away with a bad personality if you ask me! Silly Vespula.

Vespula is one of the rare times I’ve gone back and edited a design. I wasn’t satisfied with how her wings looked. They were generic and ugly… so I replaced them with a pair of well researched wasp wings. Had to study a few different species of wasps to land on a design I liked, but here we are! Her updated wings look so much damn better. I’m very lucky- one of my best friends, my editor, is actually a full time Entomologist. So when it comes to sexy bug girls I have the best person to ask. He’s been helping me design all of the bug girls ever since Vespula. He got on my case a little bit about the wings being too generic and I totally agreed with him. Vespula has been much improved by his guidance! I hope to use his help to create many more sexy, fuckable insect monster girls to come! Or should I say cum?

Vespula‘s owner is a friend and patron of mine, and he ordered a bunch of art of her. So I still have 4 sexy as fuck hentai pinups to share with you guys! Vespula has really become popular thanks to the art of her. I guess that’s how the OCs work, though. The more art there is of them then the more people will want to see their sexy selves! I personally don’t mind in Vespula‘s case. She’s become one of my favorite MHFAP! OCs by how sexy she is, not to mention how fun she is to draw! I love that slight athletic and toned body she has. Since she’s a wasp monster girl, she mainly lives in her Hive while sexily patrolling the area around it. As a wasp monster girl she’s very aggressive, so I imagine she takes what she wants from those she defeats when protecting her nest… sexually. Vespula is pretty much a femdom but the Hero has a little bit of power over her. There’s a lot more to it than that, though. But we’ll have to see in the future what kind of Vespula content gets made! I like her a lot- I’m fairly sure she’ll end up in the main comic somehow eventually. Just don’t quote me on that!