After waiting for so long MHFAP! finally has its first Vampire girl and damn she’s stunning!

At long last, MHFAP! has its first official Vampire girl! Levy is a character I put my absolute all into like holy shit I put so much work into it. Unlike most OCs Levy is being made from the get go to have a major role in the comic’s future, so that’s why so much attention was given to her. She’s owned by my good friend Urban.


Levana Rosary Louise Von Lowenstein Valentine Bathory-de-la-Dracul IX- Known as Levy more informally- is a powerful vampire who is known by all as Queen Beneath the Moonlight. She wields the legendary rapier passed down through generations of undead vampire lords- a powerful sword known as Darkharte, Darkblade of Darkness. While very young for a Vampire she earned this mighty weapon by usurping the former tyrannical vampire queen before her. As Moonlight Queen, Levy rules all the monsters that can be classified as ‘things that go bump in the night’. Naturally this is a loose association of monsters and not an actual group like harpies or nekos, so her title and rank is more for show and she’s not an actual queen with territory recognized by the Queen Mother’s rule.

Levy’s power and charisma however was definitely noticed by the Queen, however, and the young undead was gifted her own dungeon- gothic castle atop a mountain that lives in perpetual nightfall. Levy named this haven the Moonstained Manor and quickly set to work recruiting as many monster girls as she could convince to move into the Manor and work beneath her. Levy wandered the darkness for several years, unearthing ancient mummies from their tombs, putting collars on werewolves, making promises to young witches and more. She won many girls to her Manor and for the first time in their lives, her subjects had somewhere they could earnestly say they belonged. More than that, they had someone who they loved and respected with all their hearts (beating or otherwise).

The problem started after the Manor had been operating for several years. Simply put, Levy’s power and intellect are far too sharp and her dungeon is expertly fortified. No one has ever remotely made a dent in the Moonstained Manor’s defenses, let alone reached Levy’s dungeon boss room. Levy has become deeply depressed and bored of her undead life, finding little meaning in it now as she sits around sipping from fancy chalices and reading dusty tomes. As each day passes she leaves her chambers less and less, at its worst refusing to even leave her coffin for several days at a time. Her subjects deeply care for her and would do anything to restore Levy to her former self. Sure, Levy was always dark and brooding and said very little, but there was enjoyment in her eyes and the faintest smile on her lips.

Levy and the Moonstained Manor is set to be an actual arc in the comic, so unlike most of these character Bios I can’t get too deep into what happened from here so much as just say that the story is set with her in this state and what happens to her. Her relationship with the Hero is central to this so I also can’t say too much, other than that she calls him Daywalker and finds herself in a deep and mournful love for him after the events that transpire- but unlike most girls it’s a very somber and soft-spoken love befitting the Vampire Queen Beneath the Moonlight.

Do you like Levy the Vampire? I sure hope so! If you do, here’s some more art of her! We got a sexy sketch I did as a collab with my friend Illunation, and a fun pic that Illunation made of her! Gotta have more vampire girls!


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