This vampire girl is enjoying herself a nice cup of that might or might not be wine!

My obsession with MHFAP!’s new vampire girl continues, and I had to bring one of my friends in on the action. You all remember Illunation from some of the other amazing art I’ve had him make for me, and he was also the one who colored the short comic featuring Tali having sex with those two slimes! Illunation is one of my favorite people to work with and I adore his art whenever I get the chance to get some for myself. My finances are doing a good deal better this month so I don’t mind getting some new pics from him to serve as bonus content. Illunation is an amazing artist to work with and is always looking for work so I really recommend checking him out and hitting him up if you like his style. I’m planning to get around 4-5 more pieces from him this month, potentially more so if the finances are willing. Wow though, he really knocked this vampire girl out of the park!

Speaking of vampire girl, I promise I will work on non Levy related things today haha. It’s just that yesterday I was so proud of the vampire girl I’d created and I had to spend some more time with her! I have always had a large deal of affection for vampire girls and vampires in general, and since Levy was promised so long ago I’ve been anticipating creating her for so damn long. It feels great to not only do the character that I promised Urban all that time ago but to have her come out in a way that I’m so absurdly pleased by it. So yeah, I had to draw her a bit more! I hope you guys enjoy the lovely vampire girl half as much as I do <3

Levy is a MHFAP! OC owned by UrbanWulf