Have a look at this detailed design document on how to draw your favorite thick harpy!

I made this a bit over a month ago mainly so that my friends could buy me commissions of Tali easier, because sometimes my friends and fans do like to surprise me with art of this lovely thick harpy. Not only that but it helped tremendously for the fanart contest we had, as you can imagine! I still need to post the results here but needless to say we had a great many sexy entries of Tali entered but only a few won!

As for this reference sheet, I think it’s a pretty big example of how far Tali and my art have come since I first designed her. You look back to early chapter 1 and Tali… looks nothing like this, basically. Like at all. So I’m very happy my art has developed the way it has. I can hardly look at some of my old art… but now I can handle drawing most any type of sexy monster girl without batting an eye. It goes to show you that your art is as good as you work to make it to be, you know? I wasn’t satisfied with how I drew hentai so I kept drawing hentai and working on correcting all of my mistakes bit by bit until I became a better lewd artist.

But that’s enough about me droning on about how much better I’ve gotten at drawing this thick harpy girl! I hope this ref sheet helps any would-be fanartists tackle Tali a bit easier! I do still have plans to work on updated ref sheets for Rizl and Futura but my time is very… you know, rushed these days. Lots of stuff to do. If you wanna lessen my workload then please donate to me on Patreon and give me more time to work on personal things like more art of the main characters!

In the mood for some more Harpy girls? Make sure you meet Henrietta the Chicken! Or a classic pic of Tali that I still find hot.


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