Tali is Celebrating a Holiday that Holds No Relevence to the World She Lives In, But it’s Cute At Least!

The only thing she’s missing is a Hamburger in one hand and an assault rifle in the other.

I got this a few days after the 4th, so I couldn’t post it on the Holiday like I wanted to. It came out so cute though that I’m totally happy with it, ahhh! I really love the dreamy eyes, they’re too perfect and adorable. Yuffi369 really did a lovely job with her face and hair in general, I think. It’s a simple, cartoony picture but there’s nothing wrong with that! It’s a style I’m very fond of as most of you should know.

I have a good stack of art to share with you readers but uploading it all while also working on the comic is kind of a pain. Think there’s like more than 10 pieces of art by loads of talented artists out there that have yet to be shared and I feel bad about that. Hopefully I’ll be able to put in a few more here on the site soon! I know that I’ll have plenty of time once the 1st chapter is done so I’ll need you guys to be patient with me. At the rate I’m going the first chapter should be done in a week or less!

Then you’ll get to look forward to losts of cute and sexy pics of Tali and Rizl!

Oh, How was MY 4th of July?

Eh. Don’t really care about this holiday. Not a fan of going out at night to sit in a park with strangers being eaten by bugs. Fireworks are pretty and all but they never really convince me to leave the house on this holiday. Sorry to be so boring, I’m just an internet hentai man who sits around and draws porn!

Go Check the Artist, Yuffi369 Out! His Stuff is so Cute!

The artist here is really, really great at adorable cartoony stuff. I also really love the color pallets he chooses, leading to cute pics like this one! I don’t personally know this user all that much compared to other artists I’ve featured so I can’t wax on about how lovely a person they are. But I CAN tell you his art leads me to believe he’s an incredibly guy as well and you should definitely give his commissions prices a look! I know I definitely want to get more from him later so we can feature more adorable art of his on the site here!

Here’s his DeviantArt, and also his FurAffinity!


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