First post in a while and it’s a lovely pic of Tali wearing Lingerie!

Whew, I am very sorry about the lack of posting content here on the main site. I’ve been… very, very busy. Concept art for chapter 2. Done! Camgirl exposure drawings. Done! A few scattered commissions. Done! Writing the entire script for chapter 2. Done! Ugh. Way too much work lately… As you can imagine I have barely felt like posting any of this content over on the main site and I’m sure you can imagine why. I have like 0% energy right now. But the good news is no more massive projects like that for a while! At least not all of them at the same time. Sorry guys, I should’ve taken care of myself better. But now you get a super sexy piece of art featuring Tali wearing lingerie!

I will try and get everything else I need to posted so we can fully catch up on my art here on the site. But as far as chapter 2 plans go you can expect to hear about that VERY soon! I may start drawing it as early as next week! I personally can’t wait because there’s gonna be so much sexy and fun monster girl content to be had for all. Gotta have you guys be patient for just a little bit longer though!


Did you see that adorable Salamander Girl I designed? Check her out!

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