Got some new art for you guys, this time it’s a lovely little sfw pinup of Tali by an artist called CaariOsamu!

Here’s one of the earliest pieces of art I got of Tali. It’s still one of my favorites though! They have a really cute style, wouldn’t you agree? It’s cartoony but it has nice proportions, and damn those hips are thicc! I wish I had the budget to go and get more art of Tali done, but it’s not in the cards right now. I haven’t been feeling all that good so my adoptables business has been suffering a tiny bit this last week or so, mainly due to me having to figure out this website bullshit. Thankfully that’s all in the past and I can continue offering people cute adopts very soon and boost my revenue. I did get one commission today though from a friend which is nice. I’ll start it on the side tomorrow.

Also, I started the layouts for the next scene of MHFAP!. It might take me a while to get them all done but I’m hoping it won’t. I’m also putting work into sketchbook exercises too. I feel my sketching ability leaves much to be desired. More than inking, more than color, my sketching really needs to improve to get better at comic work. The more different things I sketch the more of a visual vocabulary my brain will have, so it’s win-win. My sketching ability’s what keeps layouts getting done faster.

As always I really want to stress that you should check out CaariOsamu‘s work! Their art is adorable and I want to see you guys give her all the love it deserves! Seriously, do it.

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