This drawing of Tali thinking deeply was created by the incredibly talented artist Tom_Ree over on FurAffinity! His artwork is really great and you should consider checking it out. Was very much worth the wait on this one, as it came out really adorable besides the tumblr nose syndrome. But that’s just a personal thing and I won’t tell him how to do his style. Maybe Tali has been drinking way too much or has relocated to Russia…

It feels great to be done uploading the comic for right now, let me tell you. It was just torturous having to write all those updates at once… But now I can focus on artwork. I can get stuff done here at my own pace now. I still have other art to share with you guys and you can expect me to make regular posts. Just not back to back like before, because that was a little too much work.

I really do like this piece a lot though, the expression is really adorable and her hair is rendered equally as cute. I also like the little detail work on her feathers, they come off as well defined but not too much so. Just the right amount of Cartoony. Not sure why her boob is out but I’m not complaining when she looks this good! I definitely want to get some more art from Tom_Ree in the future, and I bet you guys would appreciate it too! What do you think she’s thinking about? You should let me know your guesses in the comments below! I’m genuinely curious as to what all of you think!

Thinking deeply.

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