Tali, a harpy monster girl, is spreading those legs wide, shame she can’t help with her fingers!

Everyone’s favorite harpy monster girl, Tali, is spreading herself as best as she can! Of course, she has some limitations. As a harpy monster girl, Tali’s fingers also having feathers attatched to them makes things a little annoying for her sometimes… even if it gets in the way of making her look even sexier, sadly! Not that Tali’s not sexy in this pic, far from it! Those fat titties and that juicy pussy, goddamn!

I need to get around to posting some of the other harpy monster girls I’ve made lately. There’s a few I’ve not yet posted to the site so stay tuned to whenever I get around to doing that! I’m sure I’ll make time for it eventually when I’m not focused on improving other aspects of the site…
Damn though, this harpy monster girl has changed so much since the first time she showed up in the comic as our heroine! Don’t believe me? Go look back at page three of chapter one, and Tali looked really different. My art has changed so much. Thankfully I can draw harpy monster girls way better now and Tali looks ever sexier because of it!
Speaking of our main girls, have a look at that really sexy drawing I posted of Futura in her true form recently! I know it’s not related to Tali too much, but I know you’ll love it if you like sexy monster girls!
Of course, if you do want more Tali, have a look at this page from the main comic of her getting cummed inside of!
Thanks for reading this post my fellow harpy monster girl enthusiasts~