Monster girl yuri action!

This is a somewhat older pinup of Tali and Nona having some good old fashion monster girl yuri fun time with each other. It’s not my favorite pinup and it hasn’t aged as gracefully as more of my other sexy arts have, but it still holds up! I like writing Nona’s dialogue, she’s such a massive slutty bitch queen lol. It’s fun to draw bad girls, especially when they are slutty goblin girls. I really do enjoy drawing myself some mean nasty hentai ladies- and the contrast of putting them next to pure, innocent hentai harpies like Tali always makes it that much harder. Tali might look like she’s hesitant here, but you and I both know she’s hardly against being taken advantage of by another monster girl!

Poor little birdie, always bullied so hard by so many monster girls… Will Tali ever bully someone else? It’s unlikely but you never know…!

I really do love seeing new monster girl yuri pairings in all the pinups I get to do. It’s fun mixing and matching and seeing new combinations pair up! It means more potential for fun times and new jokes to be had, which is important to me. Almost as important as the sexy monster girl yuri. I still love drawing yuri even if yuri usually isn’t enough to get me off on its own. I kinda need the male to be involved haha. Yuri is kinda like a fun appetizer to me, but that doesn’t mean I try any less hard when drawing it! I put my all into every piece of monster girl art I make, you guys know that. If I don’t do all I can then my hentai will never improve!

If you wanna see some more art of Tali, here’s a really sexy piece of guest art I posted, or for something a little more wholesome an adorable chibi my friend made me! And for something for Nona, come check out this amazing pic of her ass, or an amazing pic of her in some playboy bunny cosplay!

By the way, make sure you check out that really cute chibi of Futura I recently posted! It’s guest art from a friend of mine! It’s not monster girl yuri but it’ll do!


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