Look at this adorable Tali Chibi! I can’t get enough of it ahhhhh

Seriously, look at this amazing piece of art that I had made for me! Tali is cute as fuck, we all know that by now… but MedicatedCannibal really knocked it out of the park with this!! The artist started as someone my friend ordered a chibi from and then I approached her about doing some MHFAP! work for me, resulting in chibis of Tali, Rizl and Futura at first. But since then more and more of my fans have been buying chibis of their sexy monster girls and we’ve grown MedicatedCannibal‘s fanbase quite a bit! It’s really good to me that MHFAP! can help more artists than just me, since I can direct my fans to go get art of their OCs… it’s a really good system. And damn, this Tali chibi is too gud <3

MedicatedCannibal has since become a friend of mine and I’ll be sharing a ton of related MHFAP! work from her in the future. I mean it, she’s drawn a crazy amount of my sexy monster girls and I have plans to buy even more chibis from her in a week or so! You got no idea, haha. I’m really taken with how she does chibis. Not entirely sure why but they’re very different than most other chibis I see! MedicatedCannibal was also nice enough to make me a sexy pinup of Tali for my birthday as a thanks for how I ended up boosting her own fanbase, so that felt really nice… I’ll make sure to share that sexy, sexy harpy hentai drawing with you guys very soon.

You can find MedicatedCannibal on Twitter, FurAffinity, and Patreon.