Holy hell was I surprised when I got this sexy piece of art from BldyMalice. Really, I gave her free reign and sent her Tali’s ref as well as a couple of MHFAP! pages and this is what she came up with! Really fucking hot. Damn that grind! I can practically see the motion in this art as she grinds and grinds to no avail… Really need to get more art from Bldy sometime. I do have another piece from her but I’ll share it another time! That one is of Rizl.

I really do love giving artists creative control when I get custom commissions from them and not just YCHs. Sure, not all of them take as much Artistic freedom as I’d always like. But the ones that do are the ones that shine brighter than all the rest!

As we all know Tali’s ‘fingers’ are nowhere near as proficient as regular ones, so every time she tries to masturbate it inevitably ends in failure. Although this rock undoubtedly feels pretty good for her, even it can’t get her off. I can safely say from the start of the story that Tali has never experienced an orgasm before. Believe me, she’s tried. Poor girl collects all that Hentai but it’s just no good. To call our little feathered friend frustrated would be a massive understatement.

But thankfully her life is about to take a dramatic turn for the better after the events of chapter 1! I can’t wait to draw her losing her virginity to the Hero, ahhh it’s going to be so sexy! And adorkably cute, because Tali is just a mess up there. I love her nerves problem to be honest, I find girls like that just irristable. Don’t you? Of course there’s nothing wrong with strong girls either, trust me hehe.

BldyMalice makes some really, really fucking good art and you should go buy some from her and give her lots of love.

That fucking grind, g o d d a m n

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