If there’s one thing you can rely on it’s the purity of Tali smiling. It might come off as bragging since I designed her and everything, but damn is Tali cute.

This piece of art was actually an art trade I did with my friend EchoChips on FA. She’s someone I met very early on in my art career and we’ve been friends ever since! I’m pretty impressed with how it came out, she really captured that adorable ‘aura’ Tali has going for her. Just looking at her gives off warmth! Even better, EchoChips used a soft shading style that I’ve been a fan of for quite a while.

This was actually the first Art Trade I’ve done with someone. Am I open to more though? Definitely! I want to see more and more people draw my girls, after all. There are lots of artists I’m friends with and I should look into reaching out to them soon. Or I could just announce I’m open for art trades, I’m big enough over there that I’d probably get more than a few offers… Hope that didn’t sound like I’m full of myself. Heh…

I can’t stress enough though that you should check out EchoChips’s art. She makes tons of great stuff all the time and you’d be doing yourself a favor picking something up from her.

Oh, what’s that? You wanna see my half of the Art Trade? Sure thing! I drew one of her OCs. It was a pretty fun character to draw! I’m not sure if she wanted it to be lewd or not, so I made it almost lewd with her reaching into the loincloth. Also I must admit I’m happy with how curvy she came out, and the breasts are nice and round. They look very squishy hehe. She had her WIP first, and when I saw Tali smiling I knew I had to match it with one of my own! At least I think she was first… I might be misremembering. Aw whatevever, heh.

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