Another sexy pinup picture of Tabatha, this time in ful color!

Oh Tabatha. You poor girl, that lack of confidence even though she’s a fucking bombshell… I love hentai of girls like that, you know me by now I’d assume. I think I did a pretty good job drawing her sexy pussy, too, but thats just me haha. I’ve posted so much neko content to the site in just a day, and it’s all to coincide with the release of Fapcast #11, Princess x Tabatha – Chained Together! Definitely go listen to that if you haven’t yet, it’s one of the sexiest Fapcast episodes yet, and by far the funniest one thus far!

I’m glad Princess has Tabatha now. A trick I’ve done before to revitalize older MHFAP! OCs is giving them new blood, a closely linked character to play off of. Princess didn’t exactly need someone to play off of, but it paid off in spades considering how popular Tabatha has become. I was actually somewhat against giving Princess a manager surprisingly. I felt that Princess wasn’t the kind of Meowdel who would use one but Urban really wanted her to have one and I ended up going ham on it and the results speak for themselves. Now we get to look forward to lots more content featuring both of these pretty kitties together! Some of the other top Meowdels will be getting managers as well, such as Moxie, whose bio already hints at one. But just because a MHFAP! OC is a Meowdel doesn’t mean they’ll get a manager just because. I do have to think it fits. I had ideas for Tabatha which is why I ultimately agreed to make her even though I wasn’t 100% on board.

Want to see even more of Tabatha? Here’s her recent chibi, and here’s one of Princess while we’re at it, nyaa!


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