Another sticker for sale over on my Redbubble shop! Please consider buying MHFAP! merch to support my comic!

So following up on that sticker I posted of Tali the other day, I’ve decided to post this lovely meep sticker to the site as well! But that’s not all, you should really check out the MHFAP! Redbubble shop because I already have 14 whole products for sale! This is 9 stickers, 3 for each of the main girls, and 5 Wanted Posters as of this moment of writing. I’m not gonna be spending much time making too much new merch until I get bigger sales to justify it, but you’ll see a new thing here and there so that I can show people I’m still actively working on it. And I am. I need this MHFAP! Redbubble to slowly become a success for me- I can’t handle commissions and a low Patreon as my only source of income. Not when I’m trying to make a massive ongoing comic.

As far as the comic goes you’ll be seeing new content soon- major work is being done on chapter 6 and I’m moving rapidly towards starting to draw it. I’ve already plotted out all of the 3D assets I need to get made for chapters 6-9 and after I get some more headway on their creation done then I’ll be starting the script for chapter 6. Hopefully in a day or two I should be able to get it started! I’m very excited to see how it comes out though- so much more monster girl fun for us to have my friends! But yeah, if you wanna see more shit faster then your best bet is to support me on Patreon or Redbubble! And if you get something on my Redbubble please show me when it arrives! I really wanna see and share people’s pictures enjoying my products!



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