Got some details on a very sexy squirrel, and I think you’re gonna like her! Read her Bio below!

Oakley is a lovely Squirrel girl who lives in a tree on Bella the Minotaur’s farm. Only thing is that Oakley lived there before it was a farm, and while she was cool with there being a farm there Oakley refused any job offers the Minotaur presented her with. Instead content to just have these new friends nearby and carry on being a squirrel and doing whatever squirrels do.

Enter Roxy the Sheepdog, her onesided nemesis. While everyone else on Bella’s farm is cool with Oakley living there since she came first and all that, Roxy for whatever reason has a bone to pick with Oakley. Pun intended, duh. Roxy by nature is an extremely hard worker and her job is to run around the farm and oversee things an relay orders, and when she sees a slacker like Oakley she gets ruffled. And it doesn’t help that Oakley finds this absolutely adorable. Even though Roxy is all about hardwork, she has an extremely short attention span and can get distracted very easily… Which Oakley finds even MORE adorable.

Oakley will often distract Roxy from her farm work by being slooty on the peripheree of the dog’s vision. Bending over pantiless, nips slips, gathering acorns in extremely impractical outfits, you name it, Oakley will tease Roxy with it. The two share a complicated relationship which has led to many an impropmtu work break where Roxy finds herself unable to hold her urges back and takes it out on the devious squirrel, before hopping right back to work and refusing to talk about it.

Oakley’s relationship with the Hero of MHFAP! is very positive, as it tends to be with all members of Bella’s farm. The two both enjoy playing with Roxy but Hero is usually the one to dominate Roxy, which is the opposite of Oakley’s relationship with her. More than anything Oakley loves seeing her puppy get turned into a breathy sloot while she plays with her, and especially getting fucked by Hero while Roxy dominates her like usual. This squirrel loves it all. Her petname for the Hero is Nuts, because of course it is.

Oakley is a MHFAP! OC owned by my friend Urban.

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