Yep, it’s her again. That slutty bug girl, Vespula!

Now when I say slutty bug girl, it could be any number of MHFAP! bug girls haha. Proteah isn’t much of a slut, but she’s pretty dirty… Vespula though? Yeah. Kind of a slut. But in a good way! Just look at that perfect, sexy body! I told you guys about her personality in the last Vespula post but as you can see she’s an incredibly proud monster girl to a fault. She thinks very, very highly of herself! Course with how sexy she is it makes sense, but… good looks can only take you so far! But good looks as a sexy monster girl? That will take you VERY far… at least in my book, haha!

I actually really like drawing insect monster girls, I’m just not that good at it yet. They require a bit more time than usual when first designing their character. After all- I have to make sure they’re in tip-top shape to properly make hentai out of them! My girls always need to be ready for erotic and lewd scenarios yes indeed. All MHFAP! OCs come factory made for fucking. Man I have no idea what the fuck I’m typing half of the time, lol. Anyways. I’m glad that there has been an increase in bug girls- just need to get the rest of them uploaded to the site! But I figured I want to get another of my really sexy pieces uploaded too.

I do really like this pinup. Vespula is so fun to draw… also, I shaded it using only highlights. This is my simple shading technique, and it’s something I’ve only started doing really recently to great effect. Helps me churn out some more cheap comms and the customers are really happy with this shading style as well. Everyone wins, especially since it means I get to make more amazing monster girl hentai even faster! I think this simple shading style is a very good supplement for my fully shaded pieces that you see in the comic and for my more detailed commissions. Not everything can be a 10/10 fully colored titillating hentai master piece, but these? These are just as good in their own way! Hooray for letting me draw this slutty bug girl just a bit faster!