Got a cute skeleton girl for you! Say hello to Calcy!

Here we have a member of the Undead Family, which is a rare addittion so far! Calcy is only the second Undead, being a skeleton girl. The way Undead work is a bit different in MHFAP! as they aren’t reanimated corpses in the traditional sense. It’s more like a monster girl dies and her body has a chance of becoming an undead. This Undead isn’t tied to the original in anyway though! It won’t even resemble her and it’s its own life form 100%. More will be explained in my sexy hentai comic eventually I’m sure. For now though, just enjoy the cute skeleton girl! Isn’t she just an adorable monster girl? I love drawing cute gothic lolita outfits! But then again there’s very little I don’t enjoy drawing when it comes to cute monster girls, isn’t there? God I just love them monster girls! Sexy monster girls, cute monster girls… big monster girls… small monster girls… MONSTER GIRLS- er, sorry, I don’t know where that came from. Just had to scream my love for monster girls I guess!

Calcy definitely named herself if you couldn’t tell. What’s a skeleton’s favorite thing? Calcium of course! Undead are naturally not too smart… so their names tend to reflect this. Poor babies. But what they lack in brains they more than make up for it in other ways! Undead feel endlessly empty inside… so they need to fill themselves with something, right? Whether that be cum or love, depends on how perverted you like your sexy undead monster girls! I mean yeah it’s cold, and they aren’t the BEST smelling monster girls… but eh, I think everyone here already knows what they’re here for. Sexy zombies ahoy! I’m not that fond of Zombies in the traditional sense, so I’m sure I’ll do something unique and sexy whenever I make one into a MHFAP! monster girl.

Been really busy working on commissions lately, and I have not been having much fun. Would much rather be drawing my sexy monster girl hentai webcomic, scribbling sexy Tali and Hero going at it, but… money is just a nightmare all the time. I wanna skip ahead to the point where I can just draw the comic all day and not have to worry about the financial problems, but I feel like a broken record at this point… so hey, enjoy my sexy monster girls~