Meet this amazing Sexy Sheep!

Who wanted a sexy sheep? I’m sure we all did! So meet Sierra! I have a confession to make, after designing her a while back Sierra has somehow become one of my favorites in the whole MHFAP! OC roster thus far!  I can’t quite put my finger on in but there’s something just too sexy about her… must be those devilishly satanic eyes? Nah, it’s prolly the sexy bod to be honest. And the sexy strawberry blonde hair she has whenever I shade it.

Sierra is something of a fashion diva, and it’s her thing to have a new outfit and hairstyle or combination of there of every time I draw her more or less. So I’ve already designed several different styles for this sexy sheep so far! It’s really fun to get to draw the same character in new ways… really, I love creating alternate styles! Currently Nona the Goblin has the most alternative styles I’ve made, but Sierra will one day rapidly approach that I’d wager. Along with my main character girls of course.

Like a good number of MHFAP! OCs, including Nona and Sulwyn, Sierra is owned by my good friend UrbanWulf who has given me many monies. Thanks ho, enjoy the sexy sheep or something I guess. I got monster girl porn to go make, and he supports that financially more than almost anyone else! Very good relationship to have- and I guess we’re friends and shit too. Something like that.

I hope everyone loves this sexy sheep half as much as I do, because even then that’d still be a whole heck of a lot! And you can expect to see more of this sexy sheep in various hentai situations in the future! Enjoy the lovely monster girl~

Wanna see more art of Sierra? Check out this super sexy art of her spreading her pussy!

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