Patchy is on top for once, intent on not being taken advantage of by our Hero!

The first piece of art featuring Patchy in quite a while! i think the last piece of art was this comic. Why so long? Well, just have a lot of chars to design and make art for. But Patchy is going to get a boost of content pretty soon here since she’s getting her first Fapcast episode very soon! Yet another member of Bella‘s farm getting casted just makes the Fapcast more exciting to do, since it means eventual threesome and group sex audios for the girls. Think of it! Bella has already had a Fapcast audio, but one with Bella AND Patchy? That’d be just fine! Patchy has always been a favorite of mine, I really love awkward monster girls if you couldn’t tell. I’m excited to get to do more with her, she’s very fun even though some people don’t quite get that why I would make a scarecrow sexy… It’s a personal thing. Think of her like a doll girl haha.

Getting a lot of stuff done today! Drawing new monster girl OCs, talking to voice actresses, planning new hentai art, getting ready to make a Patchy Chibi and post her Fapcast episode. Things are going just fine over in MHFAP!-land right now as I focus on getting shit done! Gotta work harder and harder to build up my brand and make more people want to support me to the point where I can work on the comic more. And also post blogs when I can so we can get more people onto this monster girl site so they can be exposed to all of my hentai and such things.


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