Have a look at this amazingly sexy orc! She’s very much a femdom!

Everyone loves a sexy orc don’t they? I know I do. Mm, something about green skin on sexy girls is just so damn hot. Though I’m pretty much down for any skin color as long as it’s hot! Aren’t I progressive? This girl is Elina, and she’s an Orc Chieftain. She’s one of the earliest MHFAP! OCs I made and she’s owned by Lanceblazer17, a really good friend/patron and long time supporter of my monster girl addiction- I mean lifestyle. He’s got himself not only this sexy orc but a lot of other sexy monster girls I’ve made for him too. He deserves it, with all the ways he’s supported me! So I’m happy to give him such high quality monster girl art.

I have more art to post of her in the future, as this isn’t the only piece I’ve done featuring this sexy orc! It would be a shame to waste those big green orc titties like that. Also, Elina definitely has a tough girl vibe going on. I don’t know if you can tell but I really, really like tough girls haha. They’re super sexy! I also kinda like big cool scars on them like this, bonus points if it reaches their big butts and titties.

If I were to design Elina over again, though, I’d probably redo the clothes a lot and push a more tribal theme with bone armor and accessories. But because of my hectic schedule I don’t have time to dwell on these designs all that much. It dissapoints me- I want to draw the sexiest girls possible and sometimes I feel less satisfied. You know? Not every girl can get 100% of the attention I think they deserve. But I digress. Got to keep moving on in this monster girl quest of mine! Many more sexy ladies and hot monster girls left for old PunishedKom to draw. Expect to see more of Elina the sexy orc in the future!