Sexy midget dwarf girl flexing!

Yup, that’s still Sulwyn! Don’t be fooled by her short hair haha! Short hair is a fetish of mine so I often get the OC owners to let me try different hairstyles on the girls, and they often come out really good like this one did! Sulwyn isn’t super muscular by any means but she has a fair amount of sexy biceps, because she’s a sexy midget dwarf who spends most of her day smashing hammer on steel!

Been a pretty big flood of sexy midget art lately, and like I said it’s because I want to dump pretty much all the pics I got of Sulwyn so I can share her art better after her chapter is done! It’ll be handy to just link to the gallery of her here on the MHFAP! site and then everyone can just flip through all the different art of their favorite sexy midget. I’m sure in the future there will be even more amazing art of Sulwyn to show off.

This piece was colored by HMCYT, the colorist for chapter 2.3 and for a bunch of pinups I’ve done. She did a really good job on this piece and it goes very lovely with Sulwyn’s colors! I love the expression she’s got here, god I just love drawing grumpy girls. The fact that she’s a sexy midget helps a lot too! I have a large appreciation for shortstacks. And I’m thankful for that very much hehe! Cute blushed cheeks help make this adorable monster girl look even better I think! And mmmmm that red hair, absolutely perfect for a dwarf wouldn’t you say?

Make sure you check out that picture of Sulwyn drilling Shasta I posted yesterday!

Sulwyn is a MHFAP! OC owned by UrbanWulf