And now the sequel to the last sticker I uploaded, Tabatha’s sticker!

Yes, like I mentioned in that last upload I had to make a sticker for both Princess AND Tabatha to coincide with the release of Fapcast #11, Princess x Tabatha – Chained Together! I hope everyone likes it as much as I do, it came out real good! If you like it enough to pick one up, it’s on sale at my Redbubble! Though that may just be my giant Tabatha bias speaking. God she really has become one of my favorite MHFAP! OCs of all time. Blame my love of awkward dork girls, she’s pretty similar to Tali in that regard even if they express their oddities very differently. I think anyone who likes her will love her Fapcast episode, though. I’m really looking forward to working with her voice actress to make more content for Tabatha!

Also, I should mention that this sticker was actually assisted by a friend of mine. A new assistant I’m working with, Breadsticc, did the lineart and the flat colors for me. It was a significant load off my back to not have to ink this one but sadly I need to work with her more before she’s ready to do linearts for me that aren’t chibis. Still no luck in finding someone who can color things for me though despite that being the main thing I’m looking for… I’ll get there. I just need to keep posting more content. It’ll be ok. In the meantime make sure you’re sharing all my monster girl art as much as you can! Spreading links to my site helps a ton more than you could imagine.

Want to see more of Tabatha? Check out this sexy sketch of hers I uploaded! Or, for another Neko entirely, have a look at Jingles!


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