Need more sexy ghost girl drawings? I got you covered! Here’s Boosly in a new piece of lingerie!

Man it’s been a few days since I drew this one and I’m still so happy with how it turned out! Boosly is just such a fun girl to work with. I kinda prefer her hair down like this in all honesty even though I designed her with twintails in mind… hmm. Conflicting, but I’m fine either way as long as I get to draw massive sexy ghost boobies and huge thighs. If you hadn’t noticed, Boosly is VERY round. Although as a Poltergeist she doesn’t weigh anything, obviously, she’s very much meant to be a very ‘heavy’ sexy ghost. Not fat but thicc as fuck despite her somewhat smaller frame. I think it makes the sexy ghost all the more appealing honestly!

I’m all done posting Boosly stuff to the site for the moment now that this is out of the way. She has a Fapcast episode coming up soonish too, so there may be one or two more things I have to do for her in the coming days. She has a half finished chibi sticker that I never finished, I put it on hold until her episode is ready for release. No use wasting time on making more merch that doesn’t sell well (yet) when I don’t need the chibi for promotional materials. It’s ok though, I have plenty of other things I could be doing. I’ll try and get some art done today after the break I took yesterday. I’m feeling somewhat better today and I think I’ll be able to focus on making some new sexy monster girl stuff for you all to enjoy.

If you missed it, I also posted a brand new comic page of Boosly and Levy doing some naughty stuff with Hero! I’m very proud of it so please go check that sexy ghost stuff out!

Boosly is a MHFAP! OCs owned by my friend Urban


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