Hey, got a brand new sexy dog for you and her name is Roxy!

It’s no shock that I love sexy dog girls. None at all. One might even be planned for the main harem down the line… but there’s few things I love more than dogs in general. Even better if you give them a human shape and make them hot as heck. I mean, uh, where was I going with this??

Ah yes, Roxy! This is a MHFAP! OC owned by Urban. You know, the owner of Nona, Kessi, and so on and so forth… he owns a lot of MHFAP! OCs to say the least. But yeah, this sexy dog is his too! And she’s one of my favorite OCs! Funny how that keeps happening to ones he ends up getting… but we both adore Roxy very, very much. She’s a sheepdog who works on Bella‘s farm. There’s a whole host of other monster girls who live there and help Bella out, and I’m sure I’ll draw more and more of them as time goes on so let’s watch this sexy farm grow!!

Urban spoils us all and gets a ton of art featuring Roxy- I’ll have to share some of it here soon because a lot of it is incredibly top-notch stuff. Like goddamn, son. I’ve drawn a few other things of Roxy as well, and I hope you look forward to seeing all the stuff I have to share of this sexy dog! I love it when my character designs rise in popularity and we have more stuff to show for them it’s the greatest beauty of the MHFAP! OC system all in all! More content for you and me both, friends! Have fun lookin at the sexy dog~

Wanna see more of Roxy? Here’s a pic of her in a sexy swimsuit!

And while you’re at it, come check out Roxy’s co-worker Sierra the Sheep!