Check out this new art of Kessi, the amazingly sexy bugbear girl!!

Hey everyone! Now that I’m done posting up everything I have for the comic as of late, I’m gonna spend some time today and get some new art posted here on the site for your viewing pleasure! And starting off strong we got this super sexy bugbear, Kessi, in a really hot looking swimsuit! This started off as a sketch I did for my good friend Urban, and then I’ve been wanting to try some people out for coloring my sketches loosely. So a new friend of mine stepped up! I’ve been talking to Noelani for a few days now and she’s pretty cool! I met her cause she and her husband bought a YCH for me over at my side job, aka my FA page lol. You meet a lot of good people in this line of work. Some of whom will help you draw sexy bugbears! Luckily this one was of the ‘draw sexy bugbears’ variety.

But yeah! Kessi grows in popularity, her pieces of art seem to do really good whenever I post them and I’m eager to see how people will like her when she makes her planned appearance in the comic. It’s just a small non-speaking role, but she’ll show up and get some lewd action in at least! I think you’ll all enjoy what I have planned for the future hehe. It’ll be around the time Nona shows up, I promise! Then you’ll get plenty of sexy bugbear action but also plenty of amazing goblin hentai then too (like this!)! Everyone wins, that is truly the strongest thing about monster girls! Something for everyone.

Hope you all like this pinup sketch of the sexy bugbear lady with the big titties~

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Kessi is a MHFAP! OC owned by UrbanWulf