Introducing the first Ghost monster girl, Will-o-wisp!

First off I want to say that #3 and #4 are Patreon exclusives currently. There’s a reward tier where I offer a new SexDex only for Patrons on a weekly basis so if that sounds interesting to you feel free to check it out! Also, if you missed the previous SexDex here’s a link! It’s Goblin! This lovely ghost monster girl is an OC I sold to a good friend of mine, and she gets to be featured on her own SexDex as well! I wanted to cover Will-o-wisp before any of the other spirit type monsters because this monster girl is sort of the catalyst the rest of them. They all start as Wisps before turning into something else when it’s time, like some kind of rapey ghost butterfly? It’s weird man. But hey, the I’m fine with any kind of ghost monster girl!

I’m trying to post more stuff on the main site here so we can get closer to being caught up but it’s hard when there’s so much hentai to post and to draw! But at least that means I have a ton of content coming up for you guys. Starting to feel like a human content machine and I am very ok with that.

You can read more SexDex entries here.

ghost monster girl

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