You’ve seen this scarecrow girl before on the site but now I’m formally posting her ref sheet, meet Patchy!

Patchy the scarecrow girl is one of my favorite MHFAP! OCs I’ve made and for a good reason. Remember I’ve already shown her off before, in this sexy hentai short comic already posted to the site! I’ve made a lot of content about her that I’ll need to post here soon now that I’m finally getting her on the site! Sadly this scarecrow girl was made just before I started making detailed bios for every new MHFAP! OC I make, so I don’t have any lengthy backstory to post for you. But I can still tell you most everything else you wanna know about this scarecrow girl!

Patchy works on Bella’s farm, you know, Bella, the sexy minotaur who showed up in the main comic for chapter 2.1? Good times, lots of paizuri fun there! But yeah, this scarecrow girl was created years ago when Bella’s farm was having a particularly nasty crow problem where a young group of crow hoodlums kept stealing their crops. So to do something about it, Bella decided to go and get herself a scarecrow girl made and ordered up an enchantress to make her one. The thing is Patchy is remarkably stupid and not good at her job like at all. So the crow problem got solved other ways and the leader of the crows became obsessed with Patchy.

You can expect to see even more of this sexy scarecrow girl very soon, I’ll probably dump all of the art I’ve got of her onto the site soon so expect a flood of sexy scarecrow girl content coming out right about now!

Patchy is a MHFAP! OC owned by UrbanWulf


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