Another commissioned piece from me, I’d like to thank Kom for giving me more excuses to draw sexy monster girls~

This one is of Saber! She’s such a cute and tiny silver dragon~ I heard she has an audio post out now so you should totally check it out it’s hot content. She’s hoarding so much coins it’s the perfect place to fool around a bit. Somedays it’s just a cute monster girl and her dildo after all, for such a small dragon sure sure has a big one though don’t you think? Perhaps she can take even bigger? You’ll just have to listen to her audio and here for yourself what she can handle!

My favorite parts of this piece definitely include her tits, small but nice. The tits are probably one of the most important parts of any sexy monster girl piece. Though the thighs and ass are a close second. Just drawing wise though I really enjoy her tail. It’s always nice to draw a swishing tail.

If saber is one of your favorite characters like me I think some merch of her would really suit your fancy. She recently got a cute chibi sticker made of her. The chibi style really suits her adorable tiny body~ If my laptop weren’t already covered head to toe in stickers I would definitely put her on it too. My sticker hoard is massive lol. For every sticker you buy her gold hoard gets a little bigger so I’m sure she’d be thankful if you picked one up~

Wanna see more cute dragons? Check out Saber’s friend Rinara and learn a little bit more about Saber in the process~!
Dragon girls are the best after all why stop looking at them at all?

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This art was a tie in to Saber’s fapcast episode, Hoard Whore!


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