More monster girl content coming your way, with more merchandise available on Redbubble!

Yup, I’m back to writing content on the blog already… mainly because we already have another Fapcast episode coming out. This time it’s #12, and another one of Saber! This episode is gonna be a smaller, filler episode of her alone masturbating. We need a small breather after how big the last couple have been, and this sexy dragon girl is here to provide it! Hopefully it goes over well, it would be good to get to make some smaller episodes like that here and there.

As for this sticker, it was fairly early on in the new line of chibis but despite that I really like how cute she came out. Saber is always real popular, so getting out some merchandise of her is a no brainer! If you like this sticker then I’m happy to tell you you can pick one up over at my official Redbubble store!

As for how my art went today, uh, not that great. All the blog posting was strenuous, and hard on my neck honestly. Sitting around typing at my desk is bad for me and obviously not conductive to drawing new monster girl content… but I should be fully free tomorrow to work on all types of art and hopefully write a bit of a fapcast script.

Wanna see more cute dragons? Check out Saber’s friend Rinara and learn a little bit more about Saber in the process! There will also be a batch of new OC Dragons coming up fairly soon, we gotta expand the dragon roster and spread our wings more and more! Dragons are really popular after all, and boy do I have a thirst to be popular.


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