More art of Rozalind, just like I promised! This time we got a real cute chibi!

More art of MHFAP!’s new yandere Alraune is abound! If that sexy sketch I posted wasn’t enough for you then now it’s time for a chibi, and yes, it’s already up for sale on my Redbubble if you want Rozalind to decorate your life somehow! I tried to capture Rozalind’s more gentle side with this chibi, she isn’t quite in full yandere evil mode as you can see but I think she still looks pretty cute all things considered! More rose, less thorn if you get my drift. I do so love drawing these chibis, they serve as such a nice break in between more serious hentai pictures. I’m personally happy with Rozalind’s in specific because I was sort of dreading it and didn’t know if hers would come out as good as the others. Seems I didn’t have to be as worried as I was because the quality is just as good as the others. I was mainly worried about how her dress would turn out, since it’s slightly complex but it didn’t end up being as big a problem as I thought!

I have one other piece of art to post to the site here because Rozalind’s fapcast is coming out today! I’m super excited to share it but I won’t drone on and on about it. As for what else I’m working on today, well, I’ve been putting some slight work into putting together a new Instagram account which you can follow if you’re on Instagram often enough to care. I’m being careful not to post anything too lewd on it but I’m optimistic about it. Just trying to do anything to get more views really.


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