Got a brand new piece of adorable, cute robot art for you!

This is a commission I got several months ago from my friend Illunation! I know this is just a little chibi-ish thing, but dang her hips are still pretty sexy in this piece! Illunation did a really dang good job with this cute little picture! It’s still one of my favorite arts I’ve gotten thus far of my amazing little robot Futura. If you’ll remember I actually got them to draw Tali around that same time as well, here’s a link to it if you’d like to see some more art that Illunation has made for me!

Futura is just the best little grump machine I swear. Seeing different artists render that bored, sarcastic frown is too much for my poor heart to bare! I do think this is one of my favorite things I’ve seen Illunation do so far, really. Maybe they’ve got a knack for robots just like I do? Or they’re just talented. Probably that one. I and my fans have gotten illunation to draw a good many monster girls by now so I’d say that they really keep improving!

I still have so much other art to post, a lot of it mine but not all of it. I still have a giant assload of commissions I’ve bought from people to unload here onto the site. Thankfully it makes for really amazing content that I get to share with all of you guys! I know you’re mostly here for my art but if I can help my friends by sharing their work then really everyone wins from MHFAP! and not just me. It’s a good feeling to help other artists out when I understand what those bad situations used to be like! I just wish I had more money to help spread the love of monster girls even further, haha.

Hey, make sure you check out this other chibi that a different artist friend of mine, illunation, made of Futura! I promise it’s just as cute!

Want to see more of Futura the Robot? Here’s a link to her gallery!