This Cute as Fuck Pinup Made my Day!!

I was super happy today to find out my friend Monstersheltie decided to gift me something of Rizl today! Last night I had made a journal calling out more artists to create MHFAP! art so I can feature them on my site if they were interested. I love that sexy look, it seriously does say ‘come hither’. I encourage artists to draw my characters however they like, even if Rizl would never make a face like this in canon! I’d never be a dick and say ‘no that’s wrong go change it’ to free art. What am I, Hitler?

No really though, seeing this made my day! I told you guys I have a dumb family thing all weekend to deal with and it’s not fun at all really… it’s not THAT bad but yeah. I’m just not a very social person. Doesn’t help that this one guy in my family is literally Charlie’s Uncle from It’s Always Sunny in Philedelphia. I mean that my great uncle Mark is obviously some kind of creepy sexual deviant. No one in my family wants to admit but it’s ridiculously obvious. It was pretty funny when my Grandma tried to get me to sit with them and I was just hahahahahaha no.

Come Hither to Monstersheltie!

Monstersheltie has been a very cool person to watch in the last couple of month’s I’ve known her, and she makes all sorts of sexy art and a lot of it is thicc as fuuuuck. I’m definitely into it hehe, and you should be too! Make sure you check out all of her art and I promise you will be a very happy person. Hell, give her commissions a look while you’re at it! Her prices are really great. I’m a tad poor right now but I think I’m going to buy some art of Tali from her in a week or so. Mostly cause she’s a good friend and I love that she did this for me and want to reward her! I also want more art of hers on my site to show you guys shh

My friend drew my sexy kobold girl for me!

Click me to see the full resolution! You know you want that sexy lizard puss… god what am I doing with my life fuck help


Wanna see more art of Rizl?

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