Another sticker of Rizl to show off, featuring her wanted poster epithet!

Merchandising, merchandising, merchandising! What use are cool wanted poster nicknames unless I can make snappy stickers of them that you can buy on Redbubble, am I right? Right. Joking aside, here’s another cute thing of Rizl that you can look at! I really like making these chibi stickers, even if sales are low as of writing this. It’s not about the sales though, I knew that when setting up the Redbubble as the pandemic was getting worse that things would likely not go very well. But over a very slow, long run, maybe the merch will start to pay off you know? And even if it doesn’t I still get to make cute chibi arts of MHFAP! characters like this and there are much worse ways to spend my time honestly than drawing sexy monster girls in their chibi forms.

You can buy this sticker on my official MHFAP! Redbubble here! Lots more things for sale of all your favorite sexy monster girls!

I am hoping to get some actual art done tomorrow. My output has been slightly wonky for half of this week… but that’s ok, because usually my output is super high. So I don’t get too down on myself when output gets low. I know that if I just focus on other things then monster girls will flow from my pen in due time, that’s just how the life of a hentai artist is. I’ll be back at it again tomorrow with more sexy monster girls, I promise!

If you’re itching for more Rizl content, I just released her first episode of the Fapcast! And there’s also this sexy page of her getting revenge on our Hero!

There’s also another sticker of Rizl here!


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