She’s not quite a dragon, but she’s close…ish? Kinda?

Meet Sor, a new MHFAP! OC I’ve created for my good friend UrbanWulf~

Here’s her Bio!

Sor was once a slime like any other. Ordinary, vapid, normal, etc. Like many young slimes she inevitably found something that interested her and managed to reshape her form into a mutated species of slime known as the Dragoslime. Sor was inspired after seeing a cool dragon SOaRing in flight and so she named herself after her goal. Sor being a slime’s corruption of the word ‘soar’. Every day since mutating her body, Sor has worked hard to become even more and more Dragon-like. She manages to avoid picking up the nasty and cruel behaviour that her species of fascination possesses, and remains a good girl at heart.

Her eyes burn bright not with anger or grumpiness but with determination. Sor is going to fly, damn it, even if her wings are made of goo and can barely flap twice without losing a bunch of drippings! Sor, without hesitation throws herself off of cliffs, very tall rocks and basically every tall thing she can find in an attempt to fly. Every time she splats into a pile of hot mess, failing to fly even for a moment. This doesn’t discourage the wannabe dragon, however, as she simply reforms her body and tries again until she grows tired of it!

As common with mutated species of slimes, Sor is much more intelligent than the natural slime types. She can form decent sounding sentences and has a very defined personality, even displaying very particular interests such as keeping her own cave den complete with a comically pathetic ‘hoard’. This hoard consists of pretty much anything shiny that Sor finds, little of which has actual value, but she knows Dragons collect shiny things so… well, she’ll pick that up eventually. Slimes are practically knowledge sponges if you give them (a lot of) time!

Her relationship with the Hero of MHFAP! Is relatively standard, she calls him ‘Flyboy’ because he attempts to help her fly and assists in her training. Sometimes he helps her by throwing her off the cliff himself, or being on the ground to catch her before she splats. He still gets covered in slime, but he’s sorta into that so whatever. Sexually, he finds her adorable and enjoys the goofy dragon roleplay that she starts spouting every time they’re together, and he lets her have her fun whether she wants to be the mighty dragon praying on the helpless or if she wants him to be a mighty dragon ‘slayer’ here to conquer a certain ‘dragon’…


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