Would you guys like a sexy insect girl? I sure hope so!

Hey everyone! This here is a MHFAP! OC I sold to a very close friend of mine. Her name is Proteah and as you can see she’s a very cute Mantis girl! I jump at the chance to draw any sexy insect girl. Was very happy for him to give me an excuse! There hasn’t been a sexy insect girl yet in MHFAP! but that will change. Trust me. I’ve already hinted here and there that one of the Harem will be an insect! I’m planning her to join sometime around chapter 8-10? Give or take. I don’t have a rough outline planned yet but she’s the 5th Harem member. We’ll see how it goes though!
I hope someone else gets me to draw a sexy insect girl for them soon. There’s a lot of potential character designs I can do with them! I’m not super into insects on my own but put tits on them and I cave. I’m… a strange person, I admit. But damn so I love some sexy insect girl hentai. There’s some great doujins out there that I can’t get enough of. Some of you might guess the ones I’m talking about. If there’s any sexy insect girl hentai you know of feel free to share it in the comments! I’d love to hear about more in case I missed any. Plus I love finding new monster girl hentai and would never turn away something if it’s hot enough.
By the way, Proteah is going to be in the comic too! Her owner bought her a minicomic inbetween chapter 2 and 3, so the Hero will get to have a sword battle with her! “Sword”, if you catch my drift. It’ll be pretty hot fun, I promise! I have some funny ideas for what’ll happen with her. Wait for me and I’ll deliver some great sexy insect girl hentai~
Fuck, I love my job.


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