Princess has impeccable taste in her lingerie, as expected of the world’s #1 Meowdel!

Another piece of content I needed to get here on the site for the release of Fapcast #11, Princess x Tabatha – Chained Together! This time it’s a reward sketch I made for Princess‘s owner, Urban, as he helped mix the audio for me as always. This time, Princess has short hair! She looks cute with with it, and in general I usually prefer girls with short hair, but some girls just look better with longer hair. Princess definitely being one of them haha  but that doesn’t mean Princess looks bad here by any means! The fluffy long hair just better suits her craziness you know? I don’t think Princess’s manager, Tabatha, would look good with longer hair for instance.

Almost done posting all the content I need on the main site for Princess and Tabatha, but whew posting all this stuff has been a gauntlet. But at least it’s all done and I don’t need to do it for them until either of them gets a new pic or something. Two more posts I have to make, but one of them is a new sketch I need to finish. It’s mostly done though. It’s another reward sketch, but it’s a threesome pic with Hero so look forward to that one! It’s some pretty sexy monster girl action if I do say so myself. After I get all of this done, I’ll work on some commissions or something. I also am working on a new script for the Fapcast but that’s not a priority right this second since this week already has two, maybe three episodes coming out. Wish I could be working on the comic too but you all know what’s going on with that, bleh.

Did you miss the chibis of Princess and Tabatha I posted? Check them out here and here, they’re super cute!


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