Kom commissioned me to do this lovely colored sketch of Princess and Tabby. They’re such cute cat girls~

Neko monster girls are some of my favorite as they’re such a sexy monster girl type. I had a lot of fun drawing this as I don’t get many two character commissions and both these girls are so adorable. Tabatha Seems rather hard working, a girl with glasses that’s clumsy is the best~ Though Princess is fun just for being such a pretty yandere neko~ Who doesn’t love a  yandere after all. It’s dangerous not to lol~ If I had to pick between the two, well Tabby does have great big tits, Princess’ personality is too fun to pass up. Plus for my own fsafety she should always be number one I feel lol.

It must be hard to be the manager of such a wild cat girl like Princess, after all if you don’t do a good job I’m sure you’ll get much more then fired. But that’s half the fun when these two are together I’m sure!

If you like this pic of the feline pair you should check out their other much lewd pics, they can all be found in their tags~

Search Princess’ tag here. Search Tabatha’s tag here. I’m sure you’ll find something you like~
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One of the best part of drawing this, other then getting money to draw hot girls, is that I’ve found some new playlists to listen to while drawing. It’s a new genre I didn’t listen to much of before. I think it’s called alternative. Anyways, I hope I get more chances to draw these two in the future. They’re so much fun~ After all whats better then one neko? Two nekos~!

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