Even for the recent chibis I’ve been posting, Patchy’s is just adorable wouldn’t you say?

First you saw Tali’s, then you saw Rizl’s, and now it’s time for me to showcase Patchy’s new sticker! And yes, it’s already up for sale and you can buy it HERE on Redbubble! Honestly there is an assload of chibi stickers I need to post here but I have to post Patchy’s right now for, as I said, linking purposes. Otherwise I’d post Futura’s before I did this. But Patchy has a Fapcast coming out and we need to get her looking spic and span for her big debut! Man though three whole blogs about it really takes it out of me… I’m gonna need a break before posting her blog over on the Fapcast site… that kinda sucks but it’s ok. There’s something big on the way besides Patchy so I’m REAL excited to take a look at that during my break.

This sticker is my first collab with a new assistant I’m trying out! Her name is Breadsticc and she did the lineart and flat colors on this one for me. It helped a lot. I have too much stuff to focus on right now… She’s pretty good but I expect her to improve a lot under my watchful eye! Helping other artists grow is great. Especially if I benefit from it! Joking aside, I do enjoy teaching. It would be nice to get some art assistants who I don’t have to give detailed critiques to though… It can be a bit exhausting.

Want more of Patchy? Check out the last pinup of her I uploaded, or the one before that! Both of them are suuuuper sexy!


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