This pair of sexy monster girls own an Onsen together!

A new pair of MHFAP! OCs is finished up, a pair of hotties who run an onsen! Here’s their bio!

A pair of childhood friends who harbor both intense feelings for each other and intense feelings for capitalism. Surprisingly responsible for species known explictly as trickers and pranksters, this Kitsune and Tanuki combo own and manage a lovely Onsen up in the mountains. They started this hot spring bath for multiple reasons. One being the afformentioned zest for capitalism and money, and they sure do make plenty of it, but it’s also in truth to satisfy their more mischievous sides. By running an Onsen/Inn they’re able to peep on all the sexy monster girls who come and go as their guests. Hey. As responsible as they are, they’re still a Kitsune and Tanuki and being mischievous is in their blood! Above all though they’re just really passionate about hot springs and inn management.

The two were penniless street rats who lived in the realm of Yokai’s capital city, and they only had each other from a young age. As they grew so did their love for each other as well as their drive to escape their circumstance. They left their home realm behing them and immigrated to the mortal realm and have been greatly rewarded for their efforts ever since.

Nao, the Kitsune, is a sly fox always sporting a grin which masks her true intentions. An expert in speechcraft, manipulation and beguilement, her silver tongue is able to talk many of her guests into spending much more than they intend to. No remorse is shown if her victims catch on, because it’s their fault for falling for her words in the first place.

Mao, the Tanuki, is not a raccoon and would appreciate it if you didn’t call her one. She has a blank, expressionless face most of the time making it hard to gauge what’s going on up there, but it’s likely mischief or money. She uses this blank expression, along with her tiny stature and huge breasts, to lower people’s guards and make them more vulnerable. Her success rate is extremely high.

The two do everything together and they haven’t spent a day apart since they met many years ago in their childhood. They frequently pose together and at times finish each other’s sentences.

Their relationship with the Hero of MHFAP! is one of love and capitalism. Both of them adore him and offer him a special, exorbitantly low rate whenever he stays at their inn… but in exchange they racket up his harem’s fees to an equally exorbitant price so they technically don’t lose any money when he comes to visit as long as he isn’t alone. Naturally, he can also choose to pay them in sexual activities but those always end up happening regardless. Both of them playfully refer to him as ‘Nii-chan’.

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