Decided to go head and start posting the MHFAP! OCs again, since all I really need to do is copy/paste the text. Enjoy the green hottie and read her bio below!

Uzka is far from your conventional Ogre. Instead of living in seclusion and being angry all the time, she has a large, if a little threatening, smile on her face at all times and lives on a quaint little homestead she’s made for herself. She welcomes all visitors and loves company, which is why instead of a swamp or up in the mountains she lives in the middle of a nice, friendly area surrounded by peaceful villages of monster girls. Everyone looks up to Uzka as a reliable and friendly lady despite her hugeness, strengh, and the inherent distrust of any and all Ogroids.

Rather than take such offenses personally, Uzka just keeps smiling and is determined to prove that her race, and Ogroids as a whole, are decent folk if given the chance. Uzka does however have problems with those who set their race back, including violent tribes of Orcs and gangs of Goblins. If she were to meet such folks, she’d probably give em a stern talking to with her fists. In fact, Nona the Goblin once tried recruiting her many years ago. The details are… murky, all Nona admits to is that it did not go well. The two share a unique relationship to this day where Uzka is continually disappointed in her Goblin friend and her gang, where as Nona knows Uzka can be relied on as a last resort to lay low.

Due to her natural impulses as an Ogre, though, she still struggles with an absurdly high sex drive and that’s the main reason she lives out by herself instead of in a village alongside other Monster Girls. If around for too long she might fall prey to her inner Ogre and ‘attack’, so to speak.

Regardless of her deeper desires, she gets on great with the protagonist of MHFAP!. As the majority of Ogroids he encounters tend to be antagonistic, it’s refreshing to meet a friendly face. He’s even fond of her rage mode, for reasons that are very obvious. She looks after him in a friendly manner and is among the onee-san type girls who dote on him, however she’s more rough about it- being the type to wrap her arm around him and give him a playful nougee while giving him a toothy grin. She affectionately calls him Kiddo as her petname.

Uzka is a MHFAP! OC owned by my good friend Urban, who owns a great many MHFAP! OCs such as, say, Sierra the Sheep! and Roxy the Sheepdog, among many many others.