This neko has a really shitty job, like, REALLY shitty

Brand new MHFAP! OC to show off to you guys, and she’s connected very heavily to another OC, Princess! Why? Well, Tabatha is Princess’s Myanager, nyaaturally! I’ll let you read all about it in this bio below.

Here it is,

When one of the many Nekos of Mewtopia gains enough fans as a Meowdel across the world of MHFAP! she reaches a point where she can no longer handle her brand herself. Thus, she allows someone else to step in and start guiding her. This career is known as a Myanager, and Tabatha is the most unlucky Myanager of all. Why is that? Well, she’s the Myanager of the #1 ranked Meowdel in all of Mewtopia- Princess. Yes, the same Princess who borrowed a shit ton of money from a druglord, is a sociopath with no concern for other people, and currently acts as our Hero’s psycho yandere neko stalker. Tabatha is not Princess’s first Myanager either, actually she’s the 17th. But something happened about their combination that made it just enough for it to work.

You see, while Princess drove her many other Myanagers to various, unspeakable fates, Tabatha’s self confidence is so low that only she is able to demean herself to the level where she’s able to work with Princess on a daily basis. She does any outrageous request she’s asked and will never say no to a single one of Princess’s wishes. Tabatha does not resent or hate Princess either for that matter, and assumes that maybe if she’s nice enough they could maybe be friends one day? But Princess, being a nacissistic, unempathetic psycho, routinely forgets who Tabatha even is and why she’s following her around everywhere.

Ever since Princess was run out of Mewtopia, Tabatha has done what she can to manage Princess’s brand while they’re on the lamb. As they travel around looking for Hero and his Harem, Tabatha still regularly submits photos of Princess for magazines. The truth about why she left Mewtopia was never revealed publicly… actually, due to Tabatha’s marketing genius, the fact that they’re going around and travelling in nature has allowed Tabatha to pull off a pretty impressive marketing trick. The public believes Princess is currently on a ‘World Tour’ as proven by constant travel selfies and thus the fact that Princess is on the run from Mewtopia’s biggest drug lord while stalking the world’s biggest criminal remains a tightly guarded secret.

Tabatha is a pretty damn good Myanager but it’s like trying to manage the most destructive celebrity you can possibly imagine. All she can do is do her best. Tabatha herself has always wanted to be a Meowdel, truthfully, but her self confidence hinders this ambition… in her rare freetime, though Tabatha never submits them, her hobby is talking lewd selfies of herself to maybe one day work up the courage to submit them. Maybe…

Her relationship with the Hero of MHFAP! is a rather comedic one, as Princess frequently orders her to assist her in her stalking and at times even more nefarious deeds, like telling her to sneak up behind Hero and chloroform him, helping her get the bondage set up correctly or trying to hold back his Harem from rescuing him. But the thing is Hero ain’t dumb and he’s well aware that Tabatha is just a sweet kitty who can’t say no, so whenever Princess kidnaps him or whatever he’s always really nice to her and is like oh hey Tabatha, sup. Needless to say, Tabatha *really* likes this about him, but has to act professionally because Princess might go crazy if she acted on it with her around. Of course, Princess usually gets knocked out or incapacitated when Hero escapes from her clutches… and when this happens he and Tabatha tend to make the most of it, so to speak. She refers to him exclusively as Sir, ever the professional.

Hope you enjoyed! If you’re looking to see more interesting character designs, check out Bella’s new ref sheet and read her bio too!


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