Look at this new Neko I got for you! Isn’t she lovely?

Brand new MHFAP! OC for you to all have a look at, her name is Princess and she’s a Neko!

Here is her Bio:

Princess is a very smol, yet fully adult Neko who hails from the sacred land of Mewtopia- the ancestral home of all catgirls be they lions, tigers or humble house cat girls. Mewtopia is a peaceful place where nekos spend all day doing absolutely nothing, getting high on catnip, lackadaisically mating and starting petty drama with each other over dumb cat things. Princess is incredibly popular among the populace of Mewtopia for her delicate beauty and adorable behaviour- yet Princess has no interest in such romantic pursuits. She is not above taking advantage of her paramours, however, manipulating any who might be willing to bend their knee to her cuteness into errand girls.

Yes, beneath her adorable outer shell lies a very comically rude and selfish person with little regard for others. Princess was extremely spoiled and pampered by everyone around her throughout her life that it rotted her to the core until today where her opinion of herself borders on delusional. She is incredibly tempermental when things don’t go her way, jumping into attack mode almost without warning and scratching up any who attract her ire. She really isn’t that strong or fast though, so she’s about as dangerous as a regular ornery cat.

Princess went through a very large change upon meeting the protagonist of MHFAP!, and her life has never been the same since she met the man who she calls “Myaster”. Previously uninterested in romantic pursuits, when Princess lays eyes upon him for the first time and falls into a stalkerish, deep, obsessive love at first sight. This borders on incredibly delusional outbursts that she may or may not actually believe. For instance she might claim that she was the person Hero lost his virginity to even if Tali is like 2 feet away to dispute that, before going on to explain that she and Hero are actually reincarnated childhood friends who’ve met once again. Extremely competitive, if she is ever drawn into group sex with Hero and other girls she will angrily try to out do her rivals in pleasing him, switching back and forth between loving partner who wants to make him feel good, and angry cat hissing at the thought of working together with lesser girls.

As for how Hero likes her, he’s very fond of her but she also brings about a certain exasperation that very few other girls evoke in him. He’s a sucker for her adorable looks, her dainty, refined, polite behaviour even though he knows it’s all an act. The other girls are less enthused about his infatuation with the neko, especially Tali who very rarely bares any ill will towards anybody! Tali doesn’t hate Princess, but Princess definitely hates the bird. She often enjoys hissing at Tali and watching her flinch, because harpies feel threatened by cats purely by instinct, but Tali is able to summon up her courage and stand up to the neko if absolutely need be- and the humiliation that follows Princess from being put in her place by the Harpy stings worse than any other shame.

Princess is a MHFAP! OC owned by UrbanWulf

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