Brand new Neko girl to show off, everyone meet Jingles!

New Neko girl OC for my good friend and Patron Coltores! Read her Bio below! It’s a really fun one hehe

There is a name feared by all who live within the Neko homeland of Mewtopia. A name that evoke s cruelty and manipulation. Avarice and deception. That name… is Jingles. A Neko girl who cast aside her original name to rename herself after her favorite sound in the world- the sound of a full purse. Yes, it may not have come up in the story itself yet but there is indeed a system of currency even in this world of Monster Girls. The currency of the MHFAP! world is known as “Eros”, and while not every monster species in the world takes money all that seriously this Neko does.

Jingles amassed her fortune from a young age doing a number of unsavory things on the mean streets of Mewtopia. Some of Jingle’s businesses are legit but the vast majority of them are not And the worst thing is that the Law can’t do shit about her as Jingles is a gigantic pillar of the global economy. While she may have started as a humble catnip dealer, selling hentai on the black market in her free time, Jingles now sits atop an entire illicit empire. Dealing catnip, selling hentai, pimping, extorting, scalping, this cat does it all. She believes that every single person in the world has their price monetarily or otherwise and nobody is better than this neko girl at determining what that price may be.

One of her larger rackets is as a debt collector. She’ll give money out to those who ask and then snap up whatever can be gained when the interest ends up being too much for the borrower. Princess the Neko, a famous and well loved citizen of Mewtopia was chased out of the city for borrowing too much money from Jingles. To be fair to Princess, no one had resisted her charms until that point and she figured she could just cute her way out of owing money. But then Princess had never met Jingles before… Jingles has a vested interest in capturing Princess as she believes that with how popular she is, Jingles could whore Princess out to every Neko girl in Mewtopia and make an assload of pimp money.

Jingles has a strange fetish for Harpies, it must be said, and she buys and collects as many species as she can. Yes, buys, but not in the slavery sense of the word. Jingles is more like “hey I’m absurdly fucking rich if you come live in my sex mansion with a bunch of other harpies I’ll pay you and shit”. She is very defensive of her collection of birdies.

Her interest in the Hero is large, to say the least. She calls him ‘Sellout’ affectionately as he bends to her will so quickly. If Jingles could have her way the Hero would be her permanent pet, laying on her lap at all times for her to give head scratches to. She enjoys dominant sex with him and making sure he knows his place, but Jingles is nothing if not an entrepenuer. Similar to Princess she aware of the vast fortunes she could make by whoring out the only male in the world but is unable to help too publicly less the Erinyes finally decide to attack her business empire.

Hope everyone likes this neko girl as much as I do, she’s really fun!


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