Everyone needs more monster girl art, so have some of Tali the Harpy!

This piece of amazing harpy monster girl art was brought to you by my friend LunarAesthetic, who you may know from coloring some of my more recent comics! I’ve paid him to do a number of amazing commissions for me on top of that. I am something of a collector of monster girl art, you see. When I have money and a chance to get some art of my girls I am quick to take it! And thankfully reaching out and meeting LunarAesthetic has led me to have a good partnership with them. So I got a little bit more than monster girl art from it this time!

I really love Tali’s face in this picture. Like, a lot. It really captures that innocence I try to showcase in her default expressions. Sure, she may be a hentai-obsessed sex craving harpy, but Tali is extremely pure of heart! So when I see monster girl art that manages to capture one of the things I love most about my characters, I can’t help but swoon. I do so love seeing new art of my beloved Harpy!

I still got a lot of commissions to post here bit by bit, including way more of Tali and everyone else. LunarAesthetic has made even more for me as well so I’ll be sure to share those with you in good time! Gotta keep it coming for everyone who loves seeing art of my girls as much as I do (like this Futura Chibi a friend made me!) . Given that you’re here reading this, I’d assume you want to see more art of all my adorable monster girls!