Don’t fear the reaper, for she is a sexy reaper!

Sexy Reaper!

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And correct me if I’m wrong but EVERYONE loves a sexy reaper with a bitchin scythe. I mean it can’t be just me, right? I want a sexy reaper… Ahem. Anyways, my influence with this lore is very much appreciating Neil Gaimon’s take on Death. I’ve always loved that version. I adore the idea of Death… or in this case a sexy reaper… being like an old friend who’s there to comfort you. She’s not mean, or indifferent, or cold. But warm. Sympathetic. Won’t judge you for your actions but instead deliver you gently into the night. Of course, MHFAP! is a hardcore monster girl hentai series. So by gently into the night I more mean ‘sexy reaper fucks you into eternity with the grace of a gentle femdom’. Nothing wrong with that, right? If you’re looking for a mean, aggressive femdom then a Reaper wouldn’t be right for you. But it’s not like there aren’t monster girls in MHFAP! who can provide that!
As far as our sexy reaper friend here goes she’s a MHFAP! OC by the name of Vex. She’s owned by a pretty cool guy and he also owns the Kappa MHFAP! OC, who also has a SexDex. There’s more art of Vex that I’ll post here soon, I promise! A really sexy hentai pinup of her as well as a lewd chibi. For her design, he wanted something similar to Malice the Boogieman. Malice was an adoptable and he wanted to pick her up, but at that time she was already sold to a friend of mine. So I asked him what about Malice he liked and offered to make him a MHFAP! OC for the same price. Turns out it was the thicc as fuck sexy bod and dark goth attire. Easy enough! So I pumped out Vex the sexy reaper and all was right with the world. Always happy to oblige when a man needs a new sexy monster girl in his life. Especially if it gets me a bit of funding to keep making more sexy monster girl hentai! Need every shekel I can get after all.


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