Boogieman SexDex time!

I should’ve posted this agest ago, we’re… incredibly far behind on posting the SexDex entries on the site here. I finished 015 last night and the site only has the first few… blame my busy schedule for lack of time to update the site. But hey, here’s Boogieman! Featuring Malice, the OC I shared a while back. I’m pretty happy with how it came out. I love drawing girls in sexy fishnet. Fishnet is… so fucking sexy. Goddamn haha. To be fair I have a massive goth/emo girl fetish so pretty much all that junk turns me on. This Boogieman here is a dom, if you couldn’t tell from her description! Malice very much likes being the kind of monster girl to take advantage of you. I promise she won’t hurt you too much though! Unless you ask her nicely, maybe? I’m not into that but I’m sure some of you are haha. No judgment from me I promise!

Working on SexDex entries is fun. Even when I can’t work on the main comic at least I have these. Customers buy them for their OCs to add them proper to the lore. So I get paid to expand the world of MHFAP! and build an even greater setting. Everybody wins! I do worry that people will get upset when I write out so much lore and then the comic has a low chance of actually exploring it. Not everything you read about in the Dex’s are gonna be visited in the comic. Rather they exist as supplemental material that add to the MHFAP! universe, and I can potentially explore them in the future. But you never know. I have ideas for MHFAP! to expand past the Hero’s journey once it reaches its end but that’s a long time away haha. I hope everyone enjoys their Boogieman lore, as much as I enjoyed working on it~

Click me for the full resolution of this lovely Boogieman!


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