Tfw questioning what you’re doing in life after writing 4 lengthy paragraphs about lesbian goblin rape

Hey guys! I told you I had a new SexDex coming out for you of that lovely Goblin I designed and sold to a friend of mine and here she is! I won’t like, I’m pretty happy with how she came out! As for the entry itself, well, Goblin rape sounds pretty hot doesn’t it? They’re pretty standard Monster Girls but I hope I did something a little unique with them! Even if I didn’t accomplish that I’m still really proud of the design hehe. Nona is a serious cutie and I love her!

Not to tease you fans too hard or anything but the guy who bought this character and SexDex entry from me ordered 3 more Goblin Species to be created… Hobgoblin, Goblin Princess and Goblin Queen. Why are there gonna be so many Goblins? Welllllll… Let’s just say that being paid to create Monster Girl character designs for a very close friend of mine means he’ll gladly let me use them in the actual comic. I got paid to design characters for MHFAP! instead of having to take time away from commissions! So Chapter 4 is going to be a Goblin Dungeon!! I wouldn’t have offered if I didn’t actually think it would be fun or if I didn’t have any ideas for it so don’t worry about this being selling out or anything haha.

I have more SexDex pages and characters to make, so you can expect some more of these through the next week or so along with a few other art pieces I’m working on! As for Chapter 2 I’ll be starting on the character design for the main character who appears probably tomorrow and I’ll start scripting sometime next week! Tl;dr I hope you guys like goblin rape!


Read more of the SexDex here!

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