Slutty Elf? You know it?

Boy do I love me a slutty elf. I don’t care if it’s a cliche, it’s a cliche for a reason damn it! A slutty elf is just about one of the sexiest things in hentai. The more cock hungry they are, the better! So naturally I’d want to include a slutty elf into MHFAP! sometime. What would a monster girl hentai series be without one slutty elf (or more)? I’m pretty proud of her character design here. I was wanting to draw a slutty elf for a while and my friend Lance gave me the chance. He wanted and elf and I was all aboard giving him a sexy anime elf if it meant I got to draw one! I owe a lot to Lance, he helps me financially quite a lot. Picking up all sorts of MHFAP! OCs here and there… I’m very grateful to he and everyone else who picks up MHFAP! OCs. They help me support the comic, you know?

Didn’t have a very good day today. Not at all. Bunch of drama at home but it’s sorted, I promise… my brain feels like a puddle though. I’m supposed to be making dope-ass monster girl hentai yet I had to take two days off in a row. Man this sucks. It’s good for my mental health though so whatever… bleh. I really want to be drawing more shameless monster girl porn. Does that make me a bad person? Eh, I like what I like. And that’s monster girls.
By the way, just because this girl is a slutty elf doesn’t mean all elfs will be slutty. I’m planning on there being many species. Some will be the more tsundere elf type you commonly see in fantasy. But of course… some of them will just be a slutty elf. Can you blame me? They give ahegao of the finest nature, c’mon guys. And then there’s breeding slave elves and- yeah I should stop there…


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