Everyone loves a sexy minotaur, right? I know I do!

This MHFAP OC was a gift to a friend of mine for helping me out with some stuff! I’m fairly happy with how she came out, was fun to get an excuse to draw a sexy minotaur. Provided he pays me in a few weeks Bella here might have an appearance in the comic during a 4 page minicomic set in between chapter 2 and 3! And also a SexDex entry for her when that happens. Though that won’t be for a little over a month I believe! We’ll see though. I’m happy she gets to be in the comic. I was going to have a sexy minotaur eventually!

The owner of Bella is actually close friends with the owner of Adara, the Salamander girl I designed a little over a week ago! So since Adara is going to appear in chapter 2 itself and Bella during the minicomics section they’re probably going to be friends. Maybe even more than friends? Depends on fan reaction I guess. They’re both going to share the Hero’s dick though! Just a matter of time. I know we all can’t wait for that to happen! So many amazing sex scenes I want to draw… We’ll get there!

I’m really glad I’ve been able to monetize part of the MHFAP! brand by selling OC’s, SexDex entries and Minicomic appearances though. It funds this comic so nicely and I doubt chapter 2 would be able to get made so fast if I wasn’t getting funded via the minicomics.

I’m certain this is far from the last you’ll see of this sexy minotaur, so don’t despair if you like her!


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